Physical Therapy Can Improve Balance

If you have fallen, then you may understand how scary this can be. A fall can lead to injury, and it may have a significant impact on how you move. Physical therapy may be a helpful modality of care to pursue if you have fallen, and your PT may also be able to help you prevent falls. Where Does Balance Come From? Three systems in our body help keep you upright against the force of gravity. Our three balance systems are: The visual system. Your eyes give you information about where you are in your environment and what is happening around you. The vestibular system. The vestibular system is a small organ in your inner ear that gives your brain information about the position of your head. Then,

Getting the Clinic Back Up to Speed

Working in the clinic this past week has been good. It's starting to feel like old times, before the global health pandemic due to COVID-19. Of course, things are not the same; we are taking temperatures of all employees, visitors, and patients. We are constantly disinfecting all surfaces and keeping track of all items and pieces of equipment that are handled by patients. These are then carefully disinfected prior to being put away. And then there's the masks. The employees of CRPT are all wearing masks. We do it to protect each other and to protect our patients. We certainly don't want to be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 and unwittingly spread it around to our community. And we are

Maintaining a Safe Clinic During Coronavirus

Over the past 10 weeks, Capital Region Physical Therapy has been open with a limited schedule to serve our most acute patients. As our local economy starts to re-open amid this health pandemic, we want to make everyone aware of the steps we are taking to maintain safety in the physical therapy clinic. All appointment times will be increased from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. This will limit the overall volume of people in the PT clinic and allow us ample time to maintain a sanitary environment. As always, we will maintain a one-to-one therapist to patient ratio. All staff and visitors will wear masks or face coverings to prevent the spread of infection. All visitors to our clinic will be scree

The McKenzie Method for Low Back Pain and Sciatica

If you have low back pain, pain in your thigh, or pain travelling down your leg into your calf, you may benefit from physical therapy. Working with a physical therapist for back pain has been proven to provide you with rapid relief of pain, improved mobility, and strategies to help you prevent and manage future problems with your back. There are many different treatment strategies and methodologies for back pain. One such method, called The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), has been proven to help patients rapidly reduce or abolish back pain and improve mobility. The physical therapists at Capital Region Physical Therapy are all certified or working towards certifica

Total Knee Replacement Rehab: What to Expect

If you are suffering from knee osteoarthritis, you may benefit from a surgical procedure called a total knee replacement (TKR). This surgery involves your doctor cutting away the damaged joint surfaces in your knee and replacing them with metal implants. A small piece of plastic is placed between the two metal implants to allow your knee joint to glide and slide normally. The goal of the surgery is to decrease pain, improve your knee's mobility, and allow you to return to normal walking with minimal or no pain. Many patients benefit from a course of physical therapy at Capital Region PT after a total knee replacement. Most patients are well enough to begin rehab about two or three days after

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