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Athlete Performance Enhancement Training Program


Capital Region Physical Therapy is excited to provide a training program developed specifically for junior high and high school student-athletes. This pre-season training program is designed to help the student-athletes work on specific “high risk” areas to help him or her have a successful sports season while minimizing the chances of injury.


Many preseason training programs are lacking in sport-specific exercise and development. Often, student-athletes are performing general exercises that do not focus on problem areas or high-risk impairments that may lead to injury. Sports medicine professionals agree that high school athletes are underprepared to participate in their respective sports. Less than 45% of all high schools have access to athletic training services during pre-season practice and games.


FACT: Over 100,000 athletes will suffer an ACL sprain this year.

FACT: Approximately 50% of all ACL tears are completely preventable with proper training.

Capital Region Physical Therapy has developed a program to help student-athletes properly prepare for their sports season to help the athlete perform better and prevent the possibility of injury while participating in high-intensity sports. 


Program elements include:


  • A 60-minute initial musculoskeletal assessment by a physical therapist focusing on problem areas specific to the athlete.

  • Individual training sessions with a physical therapist. Training sessions will focus on the specific problem areas that are identified in the musculoskeletal assessment.

  • Training will focus on strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and proprioception, and plyometrics.

  • A post-program assessment report highlighting the high-risk problem areas identified in the pre-program evaluation.

  • Development of a home program to be utilized during the season to maintain gains that are made during the training program.



Guess what? We make it affordable, too:




  • 60-minute initial assessment = $80.00

  • 30 + 20 minute cross training (30 minutes one-on-one with a PT, and 20 minutes independent guided cardio) = $50.00 


Getting started is easy. Call us at 518-439-5006 to set up an initial assessment, or use the button below to drop us an email to get started!


(We offer training programs for adults, too! Weekend warriors, call us and we can help you reach your fitness goals!)

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