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Getting the Clinic Back Up to Speed

Working in the clinic this past week has been good. It's starting to feel like old times, before the global health pandemic due to COVID-19. Of course, things are not the same; we are taking temperatures of all employees, visitors, and patients. We are constantly disinfecting all surfaces and keeping track of all items and pieces of equipment that are handled by patients. These are then carefully disinfected prior to being put away.

And then there's the masks.

The employees of CRPT are all wearing masks. We do it to protect each other and to protect our patients. We certainly don't want to be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 and unwittingly spread it around to our community. And we are asking our patients to also wear a mask.

We are also keeping distance. When working, we are maintaining our space, keeping patients away from each other and from staff. Sometimes, we need to get close with a patient to mobilize a joint or stretch a muscle. But overall, folks are staying away from one another.

Still, it's good to have some people in the clinic; I've worked solo for about 10 weeks, and although I love interacting with my patients, having staff around and other PTs here is comforting. Sort of a return to normal. It's great to be able to kick around clinical ideas or share our frustrations and our successes with each other.

I'm glad to be able to work with such fine people and have great patients who rely on us to help them move better and feel better.

Ever Upward!


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