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What should I expect during my first visit?

Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early for your first PT session to settle in and fill out paperwork. Check in with Taylor, and he can direct you to a seating area to work on filling out a few forms. Once your paperwork is complete, your physical therapist will invite you into the clinical area and ask you several questions about your condition. Then your PT will perform an examination to  determine the best course of treatment for you, and he or she will start your treatment to get you moving better and feeling better.

What should I wear?

Plan on wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to freely move around. If your condition involves your lower extremity, plan on wearing shorts so your PT can perform a complete examination. A short sleeve T shirt is preferred if you have a neck, shoulder, or upper extremity condition. Changing rooms are available if needed.

Do you accept my insurance?

We work with most local and national insurance plans, and we accept No Fault and Worker's Compensation insurance plans. We are happy to work with you and your insurance company to ensure proper payment for our services. Ultimately, understanding your insurance plan and your PT coverage is your responsibility. Payments, such as copays or deductibles, are due at the time of service.

Will my therapy be painful?

Our physical therapists are all trained in the McKenzie Method, which means that you should leave our clinic after the first session with a strategy to make you feel better. Some conditions may require some exercises or techniques that may be slightly uncomfortable. If any treatment causes pain or discomfort, make sure you tell your PT. We are very understanding and compassionate therapists and will work with you to help you move better and feel better.

Will I see the same PT during each visit?

We feel that the relationship between your PT and you should be a therapeutic alliance, and the best way to provide the care you deserve is to have you remain with your PT through your entire course of care. Sometimes, scheduling conflicts make remaining with one PT impossible. We do all we can to ensure you will be with the same PT each visit, and if not, we make sure we communicate with each other to provide consistent care to you.

Do I need an MRI before starting PT?

You do not need an MRI or other diagnostic testing before starting PT. Our therapists are experts who can provide the best care for your condition without the need for diagnostic testing. If your PT recognizes that your condition may require further investigation or testing from your doctor, we will refer you back to your MD for follow up care.

Do I need a doctor's referral to come to PT?

New York is a direct access state, which means you can attend PT for 10 sessions or 30 days without a prescription from a doctor. If your care is to extend beyond 30 days, you will need to see your doctor to obtain a prescription to continue PT.

How long is each session?

Typically, your initial session will last 60 minutes, and follow up sessions are 30-45 minutes.

Why are you guys so awesome?

We really care about our patients, and it shows in everything we do.

How does Amanda jump so high? We don't know, but it's pretty freaky.

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