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Which CRPT Employee Wears the Best (Ugliest) Holiday Sweater?

To get in the holiday spirit, the staff at Capital Region Physical Therapy decided to wear holiday sweaters every Friday during the month of December. And, we had our patients and visitors vote on who wore the ugliest sweater. And guess who got the most votes?

Photo of CRPT holiday sweaters.

Dr. Sandy Tricomi.

The contest ended as a tie between Sandy and Mackenzie, so we had to take the polls to social media. And the voters on our Facebook page let it be known that Sandy is the winner.

Sandy wore the goofiest, ugliest holiday sweater(s) during the month of December, and patients voted that hers was deserving of special accolades. So, Sandy can be known as "sweater champion" and has bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Congratulations, Sandy!

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