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What is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method is your road map leading to a clear and reliable direction for intervention.

MDT is a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical examination and diagnostic management system of patient care. The examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention and prevention strategies for back, neck, and extremity problems are aimed at patient education and independence. It is time-and cost-efficient and does not rely on expensive tests or procedures.

How It Works

Certified MDT clinicians are highly trained to determine if there is a “mechanical” reason for the problem. If your symptoms are affected by a change in movement or position, there is a likely mechanical cause that will respond very well to exercise-based plans of care designed to ultimately give you the ability to self-manage.

By learning how to self treat your current impairment, you gain valuable knowledge and skills to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Through sound clinical reasoning, a certified MDT clinician can also safely identify any “red flags” that might be contrary to exercise-based intervention (e.g. fracture, tumor, infections or systemic inflammatory disease) and direct patients to the appropriate plan of care.

Following a thorough examination and evaluation that consists of taking a patient history and performing a standardized physical exam, the MDT clinician will determine the best treatment strategy and individualized plan of care. MDT provides active, not passive, plans of care that lead to more effective management. When necessary, MDT clinicians are also trained in manual techniques to assist patients to gain full capacity of movement.

Why Capital Region Physical Therapy?

All of our clinicians are MDT certified and provide consistent care using the McKenzie method as our foundation. We pride ourselves on providing one on one treatment sessions and determining the best plan of care to allow you to take control of your condition, and empower you, and get back to life!

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