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Find Your Z Angle for Pain-Free Running

If you are a runner, then you may understand how important it is to have the proper form so you are as efficient as possible and can avoid injuries while running. In our clinic we use video technology for our runners to capture and analyze running form. One component we look at in runners is the "Z" angle.

What's the "Z" angle? It's the angles formed by your hip joint and ankle joint when you are viewed from the side when your stance leg is just about to leave the ground. The "Z" angle should be equal: your hip extension angle should be equal to your ankle dorsiflexion angle, and vice versa. If your "Z" shape isn't perfect - too little hip extension or too little ankle motion - it could mean you are setting yourself up for increased risk of knee pain and hip pain.

You need specialized video capture technology, and we do that at Capital Region Physical Therapy.

Your PT can check out your running form, check your "Z" angle, and find ways that you can optimize your running to prevent injury and to maximize running efficiency.

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