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Neuromuscular fitness training can have significant benefits for athletes

In our PT clinic, we see so many young athletes who have been injured for no apparent reason. They describe the typical scenario: running along playing soccer, stopped quickly and turned, and BAM! Knee pain and swelling. These non-contact injuries can be devastating. If another athlete jumps up and lands on your knee from the side, you may get injured, but at least you'll understand why you got injured. But if you're just running along and go to turn and twist your knee, that injury can be confusing. What did you do wrong? Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics published a paper about ACL injuries in young athletes. In it, they cite that one of the most modifiable variables for the prevention of non-contact ACL injuries is proper training with a neuromuscular component. The physical therapists at Capital Region Physical Therapy are all trained to assess your form when running, jumping, and landing and can prescribe the correct neuromuscular training program to help you prevent non-contact injuries while participating in sports. Call your PT and ask about working on proper neuromuscular training for your specific sport with our Sports Performance Fitness Training Program.

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